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Graphic created by Hordak Alpha


  Updates: 9/30/06: More updates.     Flames of Destiny Acts 1 and 2 can be found on the Superman Fan Fics page.    
Other Recent Updates:
    9/22/06:  Added two stories to Mineternia Fan Fics page
-And the Heavens Opened
-War on Mount Tytus     :) 

  Masters News: Not much to report on the MotU front except that He-Man Season 2 Vol. 2 has just recently been released so go on and get your copy now.   The New Adventures of He-Man will be coming to dvd fairly soon so keep your eyes peeled .  :) 


     Click on the banner above to read the first two installments of The Second Horde War fan comic written by me, Hordak Alpha and with artwork by Mike Bock.     Interested in becoming the new artist for the rest of the issues of this fan comic?    If so you can contact me at  hordakalpha@hotmail.com     If there are several artists wanting the job I will choose the new fan comic artist personally and fairly.

     He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and all other related characters and such are owned solely by Mattel. Inc and it's distributors.   The fan fiction on this site is not written to make profit and is displayed freely for fans to read at their discretion.