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     The sites listed are ones that I enjoy visiting again and again.   Check them out and you will see why.   :)

      He-Man Tales: This is the place to go to see the largest online collection of MotU fan fiction by various talented authors.
      Lady Grayskull's Bedroom:  Full Fallen Moon's collection of erotic MotU fan fiction can all be read here.    Remember, all the stories on Fallen's site are for mature readers only!
     MotU Rebirth: Gary Wolfchild's as yet unfinished novel "Grayskull" can be read here.    The site is also littered with fan art related with the fic.
     He-Bro's : He-Bro's own MotU fan site with tons of stuff to look at.     Also you can download some awesome looking wallpapers for your computer.

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